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Coach Ella

Welcome! I want you to consider this site a special place for us to connect and relate based on shared experiences. "Maven Mama Coaching" is a renewal of my mission to ensure that other women, particularly fellow moms, are given a place to share our highs and lows. A place to feel empowered while discovering how to balance all the things that matter most to us.


Years ago, I discovered that motherhood was becoming my cloak of comfort and complacency. I used my role as a wife and mother as an excuse not to execute God-given dreams and visions for my life. I soon realized that if I didn't live my dreams, I would try to live them through my children and/or resent my family for not achieving my own success. I know this sounds familiar as I often speak to many women/mothers who allow the maven in them to fall away as they attempt to commit to the most beautiful positions in life. I want to help us all to realize that we are the Mavens of our families. We are a trusted source of wisdom and knowledge. We become experts in matters concerning our families and households. We are intuitive, intelligent, powerful, and resourceful. We are capable of successfully managing every role we take on!

Life coaches, distinct from counselors and therapists, help to skillfully empower individuals with tools for better living. We provide accountability, strategy and an atmosphere for our clients to thrive & to envision themselves living the life that they deserve. Whether for personal or professional reasons, you would partner with me for a more fulfilling life of meaning  and purpose.

I look forward to working with you! Your goals are important and it's time to make them a priority. Let's work together as you implement the necessary actions that will improve your life!


Love & Growth!

-Coach Ella 


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