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Seriously, When?

We live in a world that is plagued with sickness and disease. We live in a time in which mobile phones are the microscopic tool used to examine the activity, growth and molecular make up of this disease. This disease is called hatred. As I watched the news yesterday I was furious at what is happening to men of color on a regular basis. Then, today, I felt like it was a prank as I scrolled through my twitter news feed and read the statements concerning yet another horrible casualty of this disgusting disease called hatred. My heart is broken as we have a son that will not always be under our many sleepless nights must we look forward to, praying that he will make it back to his college dorm room or back home to the wife and children that he will have? My daughter listened as her father and I watched the video of the young lady enduring the trauma of her boyfriend bleeding out before her eyes...and she says to me "I am worried about the little girl, I hope that never happens to my daddy or brother." My soul fainted at that remark because she is 7 years old and she is learning quickly about the spread of this disease called hatred. We are infected and dying to be saved! We have yet to acknowledge the cure...when?

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