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Maintain Moral Maintenance!

Sometimes we feel consumed with one frustrating situation or another and we lose our grip on calmness and peace. Can I be honest and say that I struggle with maintaining my calm...I lose it sometimes, I am human. Life takes us through so many changes. We are in relationship with so many people, friends, family, co-workers, etc. Those relationships vary in closeness, and each has exclusive issues. There are times when people push our buttons, personal troubles arise, trauma happens, disappointment occurs, and hurt is endured. However, I believe that we are challenged in life to be an example of calm in calamity and confusion. We are charged to handle situations of frustration with care. We must always lean on love and become students of the wisdom of God when we find ourselves in the midst of trouble and persecution. Maintain the message and influence of the Messiah. Ask God to help you maintain, I know I do.

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