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Giving Lip Service!

I was often made fun of regarding my lips when I was younger and called poor choice names. The devastation from those experiences diminished my confidence in my beauty- The fact that I was a "big lip girl" made me feel less attractive and undesirable until I became aware of just how wonderfully made I really am! It took me so long to really get into makeup and more than that, quality makeup! Somewhere over the rainbow of lip color I found MAC! I am not big on promoting "brands" without payment but don't we do that in a passive manner anyway when we buy something we love over and over again? People ask us about it and we tell them, right? Anyway, I really like the MAC cosmetic line for more than lipstick but I have recently decided to invest in more colors and test the waters. I have full lips and never thought that I would be able to wear bold colors but I went to the MAC counter one day and was shown that I can rock bold colors and be confident about my full lips. Making up my face and adding lip color is not just a cover up of minor flaws, it is me overcoming my anxiety about embracing my wonderful features and shouting I'm beautiful and fabulous with every little pout of my lips! If you are a beauty bombshell looking for a color that will pop, try *Ruby Woo by MAC for about $17.00. It is such a pretty matte color and can be worn with a basic outfit such as jeans and a white shirt. Trust me, your lips are your accessory! Be adventurous, check out the complete array of matte colors @! Be bold, Love you!

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