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WARNING: Sabotage In Progress!

When you constantly come to the conclusion that giving up is better than trying or that

putting in the work to change your circumstance is pointless, you are under self-attack! Many of us experience hardship and various adversities in life and yet the outcomes are very different from person to person. Think of your immune system, when it is under attack by foreign invaders the good cells begin to fight the bad cells. Good cells can go rogue because the environment has been compromised. Your spiritual wellness is no different. Your mind is an environment that must be protected from foreign invasions (bad thoughts). Healthy thoughts are important to a successful life. Your mental environment can be compromised by negative thinking. There are choices that must be made when facing trouble and there is a particular mindset that we must have. The sabotage occurs when a person declares him/her self defeated before even making substantial attempts to overcome the obstacle which they are facing. This way of thinking usually leads to an extensive thought process that encourages one to feel that they are somehow destined or sentenced to a life of failure and trouble. Once that process begins, it is hard to end and one could think that adversity is a normal thing and they begin dwell in it. It is a complete slap in the face to God, our Creator, when we refuse to triumph! We were created to win, conquer and defeat! There is absolutely nothing on earth more powerful than someone determined to win. When faced with the issues of life, there are three things that you can do in order to stay away from the trap of sabotaging your success:

1. Seek God, He alone knows all and is able to direct your steps regarding what to do. Discover what He says about you and own it!

2. Listen to His instructions! If we don't listen, we run the risk of falling back into what got us to this moment in the first place.

3. Take note of your support groups. Who is around you? Who are you spending time with? Are they helping or hindering your progress? If prayer, positivity and the "push" is not part of these social circles...remove yourself immediately and find new people with these qualities to connect with.

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