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Be Where You Are!

As I finished up yoga/pilates class the other day I listened to that internal voice tell me "be where you are." I call that voice the Holy Spirit. It was truly comforting to hear that voice as I was feeling a lack of direction and focus. The "pick me up" was knowing that it is okay to feel what you feel in the moment as long as we take positive actions to overcome those feelings. Growth happens when you acknowledge that there is a need for change. A hunger for change allows you define the place that you are in at this very moment and make moves to go beyond yet with a pace of intentional development. When that internal voice encouraged me to be where I was it was a nudge to get to know myself. Sometimes we just want to jump into change and forget about what lessons we can learn from being where we are. It is okay to judge yourself (evaluate), get to know yourself and challenge yourself to move forward after you have gathered the information necessary to move forward. One thing that I have consistently learned is that you have to actually be prepared to go where you seek to dwell. For example, if you currently reside in a two bedroom apartment and you desire a 5 bedroom house, you would need to realize that your budget would need to expand as well as the items needed to fill space in the new home. Many times we decide that we are ready to move forward without taking account of what we need before we get there. God never wants us to enter into a new space lacking the necessities to compliment the space. Your growth is no different, be where you are right now. Examine yourself and learn what you need, throw out anything that will compromise the effectiveness and beauty of the new space in which you will dwell. I have to be okay with where I am and find the beauty that will be the centerpiece of the newness that I will soon experience. The peace that you will find in your current moment is the beginning of your growth. In fact, the Word of God encourages us to NOT worry or be anxious for anything but talk to Him about everything, every circumstance, every feeling or emotion. We must make our requests known with a grateful heart (within our current circumstance) and His peace will be ours! (Phillipians 4:4-7) AMPC. With that being expressed, have no anxiety about where you are, be thankful for where you are and learn from where you are!


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