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Boss or Bad Mom?

I cannot tell you how many questions my husband and I get about my decision to become a stay-at-home mompreneur. How does it work? Are you ever tempted to go back to work? (As if being a work from home mom is NOT a job, duh). Do you make enough money? Don't you miss having two incomes? I could just scream!!! It can sometimes be frustrating to face the polarizing criticisms of others regarding moms who decide to work traditionally or build a business. Many have no idea of the sacrifice associated with both positions. Many times, traditionally working moms (whether single or married) are ridiculed because they may have to rely on daycare or family members to care for their children during the workday and many times, they work longer hours resulting in little time spent with their families during the week. Traditional working moms also face obstacles within the workplace as they often have to endure judgement for leaving work early to care for sick children or some type of family emergency. Traditional working moms also face the probability of unpaid leave during their recovery period following the birth of their children and may ultimately cause them financial strain or they are left with the difficult decision of returning to work early just to keep their positions secure. Mompreneurs are faced many criticisms as well. Many mothers who are working fiercely to build home-based or brick & mortar businesses are judged for not working traditionally and making "steady" income. They are often accused of selfishly dreaming versus living in the "real world" and getting a "real job." Many people are not aware that moms who are building businesses have compounding stresses as they are often torn between how much time they should spend working their business and how much time they should give to their families. Business building moms are tirelessly working to ensure that what they are building is sustainable and when the time comes, the business is in good shape to pass on to the next generation. It is true that your income can fluctuate and increase/decrease depending upon how well the business is performing, however business ownership can be one of the most rewarding opportunities for a mom both financially and emotionally. As a mompreneur I have had the pleasure of a flexible schedule and freedom to work as much or as little as I want. I personally challenge myself to work at least 5 hours per day, I am not on anyone else's schedule or timeline. I can drop what I am doing and check in on my children at school if needed and schedule park visits and playdates in the middle of the day for them. They get to see me work with passion each day and I can't put a price on that!!

I have been a traditionally working mom and now a work-from-home mama! Both roles are challenging and rewarding. Eventually you learn to make the best of the busy days and move on from any mishaps and screw ups. There will be long days and nights, forgotten meetings and practices, colds, coughs, doctor appointments, scheduling conflicts, scraped knees, bug bites, bumps, bruises and bandages along the way. Your decision to operate in either role is going to require an amazing support system: an awesome husband, great family members, good friends and an outstanding bottle of wine! LOL! To be honest, you will end up asking yourself amidst all of the judgement, am I a bad mom? Is being a boss mom such a bad thing? Eventually you will look in the mirror with your head held high and your shoulders square and say "HECK NO, I'M A BADASS MAMA WITH GOALS... NOW GO TO WORK!"

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