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Define Your "Happy"

Everyone wants and needs happiness in their life. As women we often find happiness in nurturing another person's dreams. Whether those individual's are our children, spouse, sibling or friend; we get excited about pouring into someone else and seeing them fly! Although we were created to nurture others, we must be careful not to become the definition of someone else's happiness. Creating a space of happiness is important if you want to continue to have the wisdom and energy to support others. God gives us joy, which is not something that we can create, which is why it is not to be confused with happiness. Joy is a state of being and happiness is a state of mind. For example, I wake up with joy each day simply because I am aware that I am living, I have an opportunity to give life another shot, I cannot control whether I wake up or not! Even when I have rough days and sadness is peaking, my joy remains in tact. Happiness is created throughout our day depending upon what is going on or what is happening to us. We must be intentional in stabilizing moments of happiness in our lives to compliment God-given joy. Are we inserting things or activities throughout the day that causes us to smile, laugh or get excited. Are we surrounding ourselves with people that reinforce happiness or are we being drained by another's inability to create happiness in their own life?

Before I started my own business, I was content with being a stay at home mother. There is a beautiful thing about giving yourself totally to your family and managing your home full time. However, I knew deep down that something was missing. I had joy but I wasn't always happy. I felt great waking up to get my children off to school and I felt amazing being home to receive my husband in the evenings but I had not created any personal happiness throughout the day as I relied solely on nurturing my family with no regard to what I needed personally. It wasn't until I prayed and asked God to reveal to me what I was purposed to do that I realized that I can stabilize y happiness by balancing my purpose. Your purpose is a series of tasks that are assigned to you in this life. I was only working on a portion of those tasks by focusing on being a wife, mother, devoted daughter, sister and grad student. I wasn't paying any attention to my ability to run businesses or inspire others. Once you acknowledge your desire to be 100% purpose driven, that is when moments of happiness can be created and become a mainstay in your daily life!

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