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Keeping Your MOMentum!

This is a really short and sweet note to moms everywhere! We often put so much pressure on ourselves to be available to so many tasks and we take on assignments (people) that were not meant to be our responsibility simply by virtue of our nurturing qualities. So when the burn out comes upon us we sometimes lack the ability to quickly bounce back into the swing of things. So how do we keep up our MOMentum, meaning our ability to keep pushing no matter what, our ability to keep the family on track and seemingly never get tired??? The truth is, we DO get tired we are just so used to being praised for being super-fantastic that we never want to disappoint those who have such high expectations of us. My point is that it is completely okay to say "not today", "not right now", "maybe next week", "give me a moment", OR the big..."NO!" I certainly am preaching to the choir as it can be very challenging for me to say 'no' to many of the requests I get from family and friends. However, I've learned the hard way that we must take the time to rest from all of the noise, raised hands and needy requests in order to maintain our energy and will to keep doing what we do. Being a mother does not override the fact that you are a woman or a human who needs rest, relaxation and occasional release from mundane tasks and duties so that you can continue on being the best version of you! Take my advice, whatever it is that is causing you to be burnt out and feeling less than prepared to face the day...take a full 24 hours off. Go and do something that refreshes and renews your soul, mind and body! Be totally committed to your well-being for a full 24 hours and I promise that you will be energized like never before. The surge of momentum that you will get will benefit everyone that you so diligently love and nurture each day!

Tips for keeping your MOMentum:

1. Take a full 24 hours for yourself at least once per month!

2. Pray and read daily (Get your mind and heart connected to the ultimate source of strength and peace, our heavenly Father).

3. Find a mommy support group or trusted friends that can understand your occasional need for a break.

4. Keep a trustworthy babysitter on standby at all times.

5. Make plans for a monthly date night with your spouse and girls day with your friends.

6. Let your family (husband and/or children) know when you are "checking out" and ask them to respect your time alone.

7. NEVER feel as though you have to do everything all of the time! You may be a super mom but you are not superhuman! Trust yourself enough to RELAX!

8. Be honest in moments of fatigue.

9. Don't be afraid to say "NO!"

10. You were made for this role and YOU ARE ENOUGH!

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