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"Greatness is a Gift to You...Open It!"

Do you know what greatness looks like? Do you see yourself when you imagine it? Recently I was preparing for my day and as I was looking in the mirror, I began to have thoughts of self-doubt. I began to lack confidence in the path that I am currently on, I summed those thoughts up with a question, "who do you think you are?" The Spirit of God spoke to me by saying "You won't allow yourself to be great." That caused me to really evaluate what I believed about myself. I choose to believe what God says and it has to be a daily choice! You too must know that greatness is in you, you have the right to access it. There is nothing keeping us from being great but our own thoughts, fear and doubt. Whatever you believe is what you will reflect. Your past does not dictate your future, if that were true, I would not do anything at all, trust me. Our past mistakes and failures are just that, THE PAST! Stop withholding yourself from the greatness that you are. Don't compare yourself to others nor should you hold on to negative opinions from people that have yet to learn how great they are. Clean up your environment and make room for every good thing that has been prepared for you on this beautiful journey that you are on. Stand on God's promises and know that you are worthy of abundance and a cup that runs over with blessings. As your cup runs over be sure to saturate those around you with love, support and encouragement, in other words you are blessed to bless the lives of others! The first step to unlocking your greatness is to receive love and forgiveness from your Heavenly Father, forgive yourself and finally forgive others. Move forward knowing that redemption is a gift, and it is indeed real. Know that God thought you were wonderful enough to receive such a gift! When you look in the mirror, each day remind yourself that you are great and you're on your way to accomplishing great things! Say it loud "I'm GREAT and I'm Proud!"

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